InvisiHold Benefits New Sunroom

InvisiHold Benefits New Sunroom

My husband and I recently built an addition on our house. We have turned that room into a cozy sunroom with all new furniture. Unfortunately, we needed something to stop our two wicker armchairs from moving. After a lot of searching, we finally found the perfect product to go under the wicker armchairs in our newly built sunroom with beautiful hardwood floors.

We have wanted to add a sunroom to our house for the longest time and we finally got around to doing it. We had everything planned out, from the measurements to the windows to the furniture, until we realized we were missing something to stop our furniture from sliding all over the room.

InvisiHold furniture gripper padOur sunroom was incomplete without the antique wicker armchairs we had purchased. Since the chairs would move every time our boys would jump on them, we had to take them out of the room to avoid any chance of them getting hurt. It is time for them to stay in place, not only for the appearance of the room, but also for the safety of everyone in the house, as well as for the protection of our hardwood floor.

My sister had just recently purchased furniture grippers for her living room and swears by them. She told me the brand of them so I went online and began researching this brand called InvisiHold. The reviews of this product were impeccable so I decided to buy a couple packs of four of the InvisiHold furniture grippers.

After trying these InvisiHold furniture grippers out, I will never purchase any other brand. This product is amazing; the grippers completely stopped the sunroom furniture from any type of movement. Even when my two boys forcefully jump onto the chairs, they don’t move at all. In addition, since we tastefully decorated this room, I was very pleased with fact that these grippers are out of sight. We barely even know they are there. Thanks to InvisiHold my sunroom is now beautifully decorated and now we can ensure that our boys won’t be in danger every time they want to sit down and our floors are protected.

Round Floor Protector


round floor protector

Dura-Grip(TM) is available as a round floor protector in sizes of 2 inch up to 8 inch round, even custom round sizes.

Use Dura-Grip(TM) round floor protector under any furniture to prevent it from moving, hence preventing any damage to the floor. This round floor protector works great

Dura-Grip(TM) is made in the USA and the dense fiber center, along with the unique rubber texture make it one of the best round furniture floor protector pads available today. Simply place on floor without any sticky tapes or nails.

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